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Amid the graceful curves of the Amalfi coast and the warm glow of the glistening Mediterranean sun, traveling through Italy evokes a sense of calm. With floral motifs inspired by the vibrant blooms of Capri, that sense of serenity and natural beauty translates to Resort ’24.

The collection represents a love letter to summer in Italy—to breathe, see and truly live in the moment. It’s the spirit of “essere,” meaning simply “to be” in Italian.

Sonya invites you into a world of long Italian, sultry days and hot, balmy nights with the Essere, Resort ’24 collection. Designed for memorable moments featuring soft, romantic silhouettes contrasted with edgy, daring and extravagant pieces.


Annie Everingham is an Australian visual artist and creative. Her intuitive, feminine and colour driven practice combines a love of design, fashion, photography, and pattern to encapsulate the elements of beauty found in everyday life across a range of mediums.

A self-taught artist, Annie's practice developed during her studies in fashion and textile design, originally exploring ethereal textures, playful brushstrokes and floral compositions through hand painting and digital printing onto fabric.

“I have dedicated so much of my life to manifesting visions on canvas and hoped that one day these visions could transcend into something wearable. When I was asked to collaborate with Alemais, I was instantly intrigued at this opportunity to see my paintings take a life of their own on sustainable and ethically made clothing. It’s been such an honour to embark on this artfully thoughtful journey with Lesleigh and the magical team of Alemais. Every design is infused with so much intention and esoteric meaning. This collection is mystical, joyous, luxurious, and playful. Each garment is a poem, a ritual, a wearable piece of art.”




Jedda Culley’s practice spans across painting, drawing, textiles, video, and sculpture. Each medium, in its own capacity tells a story of the inner tension and transformation of its maker – of her urge to hide but ultimate unwillingness to do so. Her practice explores the darker side of the female experience with a focus on feminist ideas of sex, expectation, motherhood, birth, and objectification. Interested in how cultural narratives have framed women as otherworldly monsters, Culley dismantles complex and misleading female (she/her) gender archetypes.



Yvan Guillo, aka Yvang, aka Samplerman is a French cartoonist/collagist born in 1971. He started publishing his comics in numerous fanzines in the early nineties and took part in micro published collective projects. His photocopied fanzine "Crachoir" (1992-2010), featuring his own stories and graphic explorations plus works from his friends was his main space of expression before the year 2000. Then the web became his favourite place of publication and experimentation.

“If a few years ago a fortune teller had told me that a fashion brand from Australia would be interested in using my psychedelic comic collages for their collection, I would have not believed him. But here we are and this is exciting!




Raised between France and the United States, Lou Benesch benefits from a rich and distinct dual cultural heritage that is reflected in her work and inspirations. After a few years spent between the two continents, she went to study at La Cambre school in Brussels at the age of 18. Her studies lead her to be both a graphic designer and an illustrator, giving her a global vision of her work.



Vynka Hallam was raised in a creative environment; as a self-taught artist, she was encouraged to follow her creative pursuits at home and began drawing in charcoal at a young age. Originally from Perth, Vynka and her husband.

Her work celebrates a quality which exaggerates colour and perspectives, intentionally exposing brush marks and paint drips to show signs of the hand made and contribute to the visual environment of my works. She also believes there is an honesty in the imperfect.

“What a dream it was to do a Collaboration with Alemais, it’s such a pleasure working with kind people, that are concerned about the future of our world.”