Amid the graceful curves of the Amalfi coast and the warm glow of the glistening Mediterranean sun, traveling through Italy evokes a sense of calm. With floral motifs inspired by the vibrant blooms of Capri, that sense of serenity and natural beauty translates to Resort ’24.

The collection represents a love letter to summer in Italy—to breathe, see and truly live in the moment. It’s the spirit of “essere,” meaning simply “to be” in Italian.

Sonya invites you into a world of long Italian, sultry days and hot, balmy nights with the Essere, Resort ’24 collection. Designed for memorable moments featuring soft, romantic silhouettes contrasted with edgy, daring and extravagant pieces.

Photographer: Charlie Grant
Videographer: Luka Muller
Photo Assistant: Harry Hayes
Designer/Stylist: Sonya Mefaddi
Hair & Makeup: Jess Mass
Talent: Michele Oliveira 
Producer: Sonya Mefaddi
Assistant: Maria Lauric 
Assistant: Emilia Fedele

Location: Watsons Bay, Australia